• Westworld teaser aired on HBO


    On Sunday night, HBO showed a teaser/trailer for their new series Westworld, apparently scheduled to air this October. Angela's character Clementine Pennyfeather is prominently seen in it.

    Twitter: @WestworldHBO

  • Westworld Teaser on HBO


    Tune in Sunday at 8:58 before Game of Thrones for a look at Westworld on HBO.

  • New selfie


    Angela posted a great new selfie

    click to enlarge

  • The Promise fall release


    Asbarez.com reports that the film The Promise, which stars Oscar Isaac and Christian Bale in an Armenian Genocide-themed epic directed by Academy Award-winner Terry George, is expected to be released this fall. The film is set during the Ottoman Empire and Angela plays Isaac's wife from an arranged marriage. The Promise is expected to be an Oscar contender in 2017.

    The Promise’ Close to Fall Release Date

  • Angela in France


    Angela has been sharing some photos while visiting France, from Paris, Nice, and Marseille. Click to enlarge...

    Paris ✨ photo by moi

    Oui...🚂 photo by garinhovannisian

    Thank you Marseille! 💙

    Paris I love you ❤

    Niiiiiice -- a dreaaaam... 🌷💜

    Beautiful night in Nice! 📽

    Nice 🌸

    Before departing.. Our friends in Nice 💚