• Armenia Forget-Me-Not


    Angela Sarafyan shared an image of a forget-me-not flower created by her cousin Vardan Zadoyan to symbolize the Armenian Genocide of 1915. Feel free to share.

  • 1915 The Movie promo photo


    Angela Sarafyan recently posted her favorite "1915 The Movie" promo photo.

  • 1915 The Movie Premiere Interview Video


    Angela Sarafyan
    did a short interview at the premiere of "1915 The Movie", which we've shared on the Videos page.

  • 1915 The Movie posters and trailer


    We've compiled the Angela Sarafyan posters for "1915 The Movie" on our Photos page, and added the trailer to our Videos page.

  • 1915 The Movie April 13 premiere sold out



    The film "1915" starring Simon Abkarian, Angela Sarafyan and Sam Page premiered to a sold out house on Monday, April 13, at the American Cinematheque and Arpa International Film Festival. The film arrives in theaters on April 17.

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